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The Original 2-Step Teatox
Get a Flatter Stomach in 28 Days
❌ No crash diets. 
❌ No crazy workouts. 

Just one cup of teatox in the morning, and one every other night!
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Mom of 2 
LOST 28 lbs
Ashylla Ardell, a mom of two from Alberta Canada, lost 28 lbs on the SkinnyMint Tea Detox program.
Ashylla is a stay-at-home mom who was struggling with post-pregnancy weight gain and was tired and 
stressed out from constantly trying to lose the extra weight. 
20% OFF with Promo Code: YOUGOGIRL
20% OFF with Promo Code: YOUGOGIRL
Why Teatox?
"I want to drop a dress size!!"
All Natural Cleansing Formula
It’s Easy
Formulated for Results
Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle
How Does it Work?
"It's my first time trying SkinnyMint Teatox and the results are AMAZING!"
Morning Boost
One fruity and fresh tea blend of Morning Boost to kickstart your day.
Night Cleanse
One Night Cleanse every other night to help you detox and cleanse. 
Contains Superfood Ingredients
Morning Boost
Morning Boost is a blend of the best quality ingredients - Green Tea, Nettle Leaves, Yerba Mate, Dandelion, Guarana Fruit.
Night Cleanse
Night Cleanse has Ginger Root, Lemon Grass, Peppermint, Hawthorn Berries, Orange Leaves, Senna Leaves, Licorice Root, Psyllium Husk.
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Wall of Stories
🔥 Real Women. Real Reviews. Get Ready to be Inspired! 🔥
Amalia's Story
Amy's Transformation
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Allison's Transformation
Caitlin's Story
It Really Works!! Watch This Transformation.
With our easy 2-step program, it's as easy as one cup of tea in the morning, and one every other night to fight bloat and feel lighter.
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👏🏻 Amy's Secret to losing her Post-Baby Body 👏🏻
“I would recommend SkinnyMint to anyone who is possibly even considering it. The teas are really delicious! ❤️” 
30-year-old Boston Mom is a single mom, she’s really struggled to find time to get back into shape. In fact, she admits that ever since having her 2-year-old daughter, she’s hated her body. That changed after trying SkinnyMint.
So no matter where you’re at...

...whether you’re just starting and have 100 lbs to lose

...or you're just trying to finally fit into that special dress

...or anywhere in between!

...SkinnyMint will help you 
These babes have come a long way from feeling:
  •  Wishing they were toned
  •  Having no confidence in a swimsuit
  •  Feeling sluggish all day
  •  Having a bloated tummy after every meal
When is it going to be YOUR turn to look, feel, and BE who YOU want to be?
I say that TODAY, RIGHT NOW, it is your turn...
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*Every body type is different so results experienced may vary amongst individuals and hence cannot be guaranteed.
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